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Island Hopping in Fiji

After traveling around so much, we thought we’d find sitting in one town for a whole week rather boring, so we booked ourselves on an island hopping tour for a few days.

Our first island, Kuata, is only half an hour away from the mainland, but it seems a lot more remote as it has no electricity for most of the day, and broadly speaking if the local’s can’t acquire something they need from the island, then they make do without it.

We hopped on a little boat to visit a nearby village. In Fiji, it’s customary to ask permission to visit from the village chief before setting foot inside – though that’s easier said than done when there’s no phone. Permission granted, we went for a wander around the local school and church, before chatting with the locals and heading home.

villiage (704 x 528).jpg
Fiji Villiage

In the evening we sat around drinking and talking long into the night. Cups of kava, a local drink that looks and tastes like muddy water, are passed around from a bowl in the middle of the floor. Kava contains some kind of sedative that puts your mouth to sleep before starting on the rest of your body.

kavabowl (704 x 528).jpg
Sitting around the kava bowl. A very enjoyable evening.

Some time early in the morning, much worse for wear, we retired to our bure.

bure (704 x 528).jpg
Our bure

Next we headed to Naviti island, which apart from being slightly bigger and further north, is the place where Britney Spears had her honeymoon, and Tom Hanks filmed castaway. In reality, he wasn’t so much a castaway, as 15 minutes walk from the nearest village.

spit (704 x 528).jpg
Landing beach

Naviti is such a good place to relax, that we didn’t manage to do much else before heading back to the mainland. We did take a jungle walk to ‘Honeymoon beach’ but that was about as much physical execution as we could manage in the humidity.

refugee (704 x 528).jpg
This little 'refugee boat' took us to the main catamaran that we took around the islands. Getting off one and onto the other was made no easier by the captain shouting at us 'this is very dangerous'

Some other photos

There's more in the gallery, but here are a few favourites:

vienamflag.. x 528).jpg
Welcome to Vietnam!

sandsleddi.. x 528).jpg
Sandsledding in Vietnam

meroo (704 x 528).jpg
Feeding a Kangaroo, Australia

landing (704 x 528).jpg
Parasailing, Malaysia

CambodianS.. x 528).jpg
Street in Cambodia

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Great photos Rob. It's nice to see you're swapping western comforts for eastern comforts at last. Appropriate because you can't get much further east than Fiji.

by UKMike

Lovely to see the pics, brings it all alive.Sandsledding and Parasailing it's going to seem dull back home
Glad your stomach is holding up!

by swsuzanne

You will have some fantastic memories of Figi,really unique,The pictures are superb and lush, such a contrast to our winter scene. the Island hopping sounds fab and the locals great fun.Glad you came back to earth parasailing GP&GM

by Montague22

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